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The Most Important Factors to Consider When Choosing an SEO Agency By Bret Talley

Like most business owners, you probably don’t have much time to spend on search engine optimization (SEO). That’s why it’s essential to partner with an SEO agency that can help you improve your website’s ranking and visibility in search engines. But how do you know which SEO agency is right for you? Many of them […]

Why Small Businesses Need SEO: The Top Reasons From Bret Talley

If you’re a small business, it’s essential to ensure you do everything possible to get the most out of your website. One of the most important things you can do is optimize your site for search engines. SEO (search engine optimization) can help you improve your ranking in search results, leading to more traffic and […]

The Top SEO Tips From Bret Talley for Increasing Your Website Traffic

Online marketing is all about search engine optimization or SEO. It’s one of the essential elements of internet marketing. If you are not doing SEO correctly, you are missing out on a huge chunk of traffic that could be coming to your website. This blog post will discuss some of the best SEO tips for […]

How To Make SEO More Effective

Starting up a business can be nerve racking and at the same time exciting. Of course, you are in doubt on whether it can be successful or not, but since you want to make sure you will achieve success, finding and using all mediums possible to make your business get the attention it deserves is […]

What SEO Can Really Do

The marketing competition on the internet is tight. More and more companies and businesses are opening up online, and even those that have stable physical shops also make sure that they have a working and relevant website, as they know that there is a wider market in the internet. Because of the congestion in the […]

Why Your Startup Business Needs SEO

Those who are tired reporting to a boss would make ways to start up their own business. But of course, before starting up a business, one of the things you have to think about is what business would you open. When thinking of the right business, think about your passion, your expertise, and what is […]

11 Internet Marketing trends to watch for in 2012

New years is fast approaching, so I felt like it would be a good time to go over some of the hottest topics in the internet marketing world that will be able to help increase your business for 2012.   1 ) Mobile Marketing – This just might be the biggest increase that you see […]

How to: Plan your small business SEO Strategy

  Everyday I meet with businesses across South Florida (Miami, Ft Lauderdale, West Palm Beach) who know they need an SEO strategy, are sick of their competitors taking away all of their business using internet marketing and search engines, but most of the time they are confused or unsure about where to start or what […]

SEO for beginners: How to use Meta Tags to Increase your Organic Search Ranking

If you have a rudimentary knowledge of SEO, this post may be review for you. But if you are a local business owner trying to optimize your website, than this page will teach you “SEO 101: How to use Meta Tags”. First off, what are meta tags? Meta Tags are bits of information in the […]

17 Reasons why your Local Business Should be Blogging

Blogs:  You’ve probably either read a blog, have written a few posts, don’t understand them, don’t see the value, are intrigued but don’t know where to start, or think its for the kids.  But very few business owners I’ve come across understand the reasons WHY you should be blogging, and actually commit to blogging successfully.  […]