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Real-Time Bidding. What It Is & How it Works

Real time bidding is how display advertising is beginning to be bought across websites for the most part. there are many different companies who have a platform and ad server that support real-time bidding to deliver yours or your clients advertising messages to the right target audience. So what actually IS it Basically, real-time bidding […]

Get your website indexed on Google by the next day

When you post your website or update your pages, you will find that it doesn’t show up on the search engines right away. You have to wait for your pages to get “indexed” by the engines. Basically, they have bots that crawl the internet following link after link, and creating a “map” of the internet. […]

The Future Office… the non-office?

Is the non-office destined to be the 21st century.  Right now, my office is digital.  It doesn’t exist.  More and more I see people, especially entrepreneurs, that just don’t need them to run a business.  As technology grows, it is easier and less costly for a business to run this way in order to cut […]

10 cool business apps to impress your clients & increase your productivity

1) Quickoffice – This is probably the best 20 bucks I have spent on an app. It seems a little pricey compared to most of them… but when 1 app can handle just about all of your Microsoft Office needs, its pretty inexpensive actually. This program links up with most of the larger online storage […]

The Klout-Spam Phoenomenon

How much talent, thought and effort is required to copy and paste someone elses unique thoughts and articles to social media networks? Wait for it… NONE, zilch, zero. It actually takes negative thought, because instead of creating unique thoughts of your own… copy and pasting other people’s ideas to social media networks like linkedin, twitter, […]

A Digital Sales Manager

Why is the digital world so hard to grasp for some people? It’s difficult because some people look at digital or internet marketing as a singularity.  It isn’t.  It’s not like digital advertising is like TV, print, radio, outdoor, or any single one of those types of advertising.  It is like learning all of them.  […]

4 Ways that Google Insights for Search can help you win at business

Google provides many free tools for the public and businesses.  Insights for Search is a tool that uses tons of historical search engine data to evaluate behaviors, patterns, and trends for particular search queries.  This is valuable information for any business owner.  Here’s 4 ways that Google Insights for Search can help your business: #1 […]

Retargeting…. Is it the right tool for your business? A quick and easy guide for business owners

Retargeting is one of the newer kids on the street when it comes to internet marketing, and as display technology keeps improving, retargeting offers more and more benefits to businesses, and it definitely looks like its not going away anytime soon. The original method of retargeting is a fairly simple process of bringing back prospects […]

Reverse engine your search engine budget

I’ve read a lot of articles about how to budget your internet marketing, specifically search engine marketing… most of them use Google metrics and other analytical tools to calculate a budget for the area that you want to target with your ads to come up with a budget. Yes, this works to get a general […]

17 Ways to Improve your Business with Mobile

1) Mobile Loyalty or Newbie programs – Need new customers, or want to stimulate some repeat business? Try setting up some programs to reward your repeat customers, or set up specials to entice some new people to check you out. This can be great because people are looking for new things when they are in […]