3 easy ways for local business owners to find potential customers using Twitter

Use Advanced Search to find people interested in what you offer

It would be amazing to be able to find consumers who are currently in need of your product/service, are in your target area, and referencing your business and competitors.  Traditional media focuses on outbound marketing, and interrupting peoples day to serve up a message with hopes that someone would be interested.  With online media and internet marketing, local business owners can start a conversation with someone who is actually in need, and currently talking about your products and services.  Anyone would tell you that this is a great source of potential new customers in the market for your product/service NOW!  Start by going to www.search.twitter.com/advanced

Here you can type in any set of keywords that pertains to your business.  If you’re a Fort Lauderdale roofer, type in leaky roof, a competitors name, new roof, etc and find people in need of your service.  Next, target these results by typing in a zip code and distance from that zip to serve up results for your service area.  Once you see the results, you can even click “Feed for this query” to get a live feed every time there are new updates with these keywords.

Follow these people and start conversation and engage with them to close new business!

Follow other businesses using Twitter, follow their followers.

Easy enough, but if you are looking to find more people to follow you, start joining the conversation by following people in your industry.  Get ideas for your updates.  Twitter will give you a list of all of their followers, so if you see some people who are in your target market, follow them to.  Its a known fact that about 50% of the people you follow will follow you back.  NOTE: Do not just follow everyone, as if you follow hundreds of people at once your account will be suspended.  Get engaged with the prospects and find if there is a need.  At least you will have people following you who then care about your product.

Add your “Follow me” Twitter icon to email signature

Chances are, you are probably sending emails out to current clients and prospects anyway.  Just add your Twitter icon to all of your employees email signature, and BOOM… instant marketing for your twitter account, directed at people you are already interacting with.

If you have any Twitter questions on how to use this tool for your business, or any other online marketing questions, please feel free to contact me or leave a comment.

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