Top 3 ‘Post This, Not That’ of Social Media for Your Small Business

POST THIS: Engage your followers

Ask questions, reply to comments, post things that will initiate reaction. The name of the game here is interaction with your followers. The people already have some sort of brand allegiance to you, but here is where you really separate yourself from the others and form a lifetime customer.

NOT THAT: Bash bad comments

Do NOT, I repeat Do NOT, start a fight or argument with someone about your business on social media. Yes, in an open forum, there will be people who have negative things to say. You may not like or believe what they say, or might even take offense to it, being that you put your heart and soul into your business, but the last thing you want is a PR nightmare spinning out of control online.
Remember, when you post something online, it stays there forever! Bad comments are not necessarily a bad thing. Never before since the rise of Twitter and Facebook has it been so easy to hear problems straight from the customer, and be able to fix the situation instantly. Use social media to your advantage and you can utilize it as a huge customer service advantage

POST THIS: Become an Expert

This is your chance to show prospective clients why they should choose your product or service.  Not a writer?  Start.  Or hire someone who can.  Use your blog, facebook, or twitter to provide useful industry information to your fans and followers.  If you are a plumber, what is the newest wrenches that just came out, or make a list of tips to keep your faucet from leaking.  When you become the knowledge leader in the industry, people will call on you when they are in need.  Someone once told me “Content is King”  Not sure where I heard that, but its pretty true.

NOT THAT: Badmouth competitors

This might sound obvious, but while you do want to make yourself an industry expert, this is not a forum to tell followers why they should choose you or what makes you so amazing compared to your competitors.  It comes off tacky and people will react that way.  Keep it professional and keep the good content coming.

POST THIS: Promotions and Giveaways

If you have any special events, giveaways, definitely feel free to use social media as a means to promote this.  People LOVE free stuff, so use contests to get more followers and fans, and use them often.  Make it something worthwhile for people who sign up for email lists or follow you.  Give incentive.  Is your Value Proposition greater than the effort for the prospect (ie filling out a thousand forms)  Make sure it is, people won’t jump through hoops.

NOT THAT: Sell your products

Ok, so you made a Ok, so you made a facebook and twitter account to get more business.  I get it… But if you want to build a loyal following, the last thing you want to do is post sales pitches all day.  No one likes to be sold.  But everyone loves to buy.  Be in front of people that use your products when they need them, be the industry expert, be engaging and entertaining, and win the business.

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