How to Monitor Yourself and Your Competition Online

People are pretty vocal nowadays about what they think of a product or service, but how are you going to keep up to date with what all of your customers are saying about your business?  Sure, you could constantly search for yourself and see what pops up, but that is time consuming and frankly just annoying.

Free internet marketing tip #3:  Google makes it really easy for you.  Just set up a Google Alert for your business name, and voila, you will get an email every time Google indexes a new page with your business name.

Now, any savvy business owner knows that its just as important to keep up to date with the happenings of your competition.  Whether it be a new product, new pricing, or promotion being offered, or just to see how they are being viewed by the public so you can stay one step ahead.  Just set up the same Google alert for your competitions name and have everything sent to your email.

Note:  This may not be the best idea if you have an extremely common name, otherwise your box will start to fill up fairly quickly.

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