Facebook rolls out improved insights for Business Pages

Let me start by saying, if you don’t already have a business page on Facebook for your company, you should make one now, or if you are a South Florida business owner (Ft Lauderdale, Miami, West Palm), you can feel free to contact me to help you along in the social media setup process.

Not only is a Facebook business page a great way to keep in touch with and build a community surrounding your brand, but it is one of the best social media tools in analyzing who your target customer is for your brand.

Last week, Facebook unveiled a new and improved version of their “insights” for their business pages. Now, it was already one of the best ways to get a handle on your target customers demographic, but you should definitely check out the new updates, which will help you see information about the fans that are interacting and sharing your posts.

This guide will show an overview of a few ways which you can use Facebook’s insights to make your marketing campaign even more awesome!

1) Improved Fans and Reach Activity Report

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The graph above shows an activity report from a Facebook business page.  As you can see, not only does this graph show your total fans that you have, but it will also show your total potential reach and actual reach from these stats.  If you look at the “friends of fans” total, this would be your potential reach if all your fans were actively engaged in sharing your data.  From this page, we see from the next stat, that only 23 people are actively engaged in posting, commenting, sharing from this page this week.  From there, the actual reach is calculated at 533 this week.  With this example, a lot of reach is being wasted from lack of engagement from the fans.

2) Activity Log

Equally important, is your activity log in the line graph above.  The purple dots represent posts you have made, and the larger the dot, the more posts in that day.  Here you can keep track of trends and how well your posts are being received by your audience by tracking how your posts affect the reach of the page.  Facebook now even breaks this down by each post!!! (see graph below).  You can now see which posts worked the best to generate activity, the virility of each post, and even sort this data by links/photos/videos etc.

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Use this data to figure out which forms of content will be the most engaging, and even more importantly, more viral, which will increase your total reach for your businesses page!

3) Improved Demographic Data

The demographic data that you are able to capture about your customers through your Facebook page was pretty cool to begin with, but it got even more awesome with this update.  Previously, you could easily view the demographic data of your fan.  But now, if you look at the left tab under “insights” in the image below, you can also view the demographics of all the people you’ve reached, and all the people that are talking about your business or brand, who are your active and most loyal fans.

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All of these improvements are such valuable and easily obtained information.. and not to mention FREE for a business owner to use, that you should definitely be utilizing the Facebook insights when developing a marketing strategy for your business.

As always, if you have any questions about South Florida social media, or would like more information about internet marketing, feel free to contact me at [email protected] and we can set up a free consultation to review your marketing strategy.  Thanks!!


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