13 digital marketing trends to watch in 2013

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1) Mobile traffic surpassing desktop – 2013 should mark the year where mobile traffic will fully surpass desktop traffic… in some places it already has. Having a mobile strategy should be standard in your internet marketing caFlorida Internet Marketingmpaigns. Mobile converts well if you have a site setup for mobile.

2) Social integration with search advertising – Friends have a major influence on purchasing decisions, and every year, social aspects are affecting search engine results more and more. Still not perfected, but expect some testing in this area as friends suggestions work their way into our search results

3) Growth of eBooks – No surprise here. The Nook and Kindle lit up the Mother’s Day sales charts, and its not looking back. Will real books even exist at all in a few years? Universities are even teaming up with Apple to provide course materials in the app store. Expect more material like this for 2013, and less page turning.

4) Effective data driven campaigns – Minimizing advertising waste. It gets easier and more precise every year to reach a super targeted consumer. Demographics are no longer Adults 25-54. With all the cookie data available for purchase, you can get as super niche targeted as you want for your particular business.

5) More accurate behavioral targeting – Along with data… targeting by behavior has also been improving like crazy over the past few years. The accuracy is getting scary about what behaviors advertisers can find out about consumers.

6) Increase in content markFlorida internet marketingeting – Content sells you. Content makes you an industry expert. Good content that is. It’s hard to keep churning out great content consistently, but you will reap rewards if you can do it successfully. Try to write your own if you can… hiring a blogger can sound fake and people can tell its not your tone in the writing. Google rewards great content, and your content can make the difference between winning or losing a new customer.

7) Remarketing becoming standard – Remarketing technology is improving greatly as well. Sending different messages to people who visited different parts of your site, whether they bought or not, are just a few of the possibilities for remarketing, a technology that was the new kid for awhile and is now coming into its own.

8) New wave of digital agencies – As traditional media becomes less and less viable and more percent of advertising budgets go to online every year, expect a lot of digital agencies to be popping up all over. If you decide to go with an agency, make sure that you choose wisely. What do they have as a competitive advantage?

9) Traditional media companies implementing digital departments – If they haven’t yet, most print, tv, radio and outdoor companies are hiring digital departments, usually led by a digital sales manager or director of digital sales. Expect this to grow as the monies continue to move online.

10) Increase in social advertising technology – The big news story being Facebook exchange, making it easier to target and interact with users on social media in conjunction with your own domain. Look out for more social advertising and interaction with your customers in the future.Florida Internet Marketing

11) The Cloud – Businesses are placing their bets with cloud technology to keep their costs down and the infrastructure is set to keep growing. Cloud storage should see a continuing rise in 2013 for both the business and personal sectors.

12) Location based mobile marketing – Do you want to target someone that is near your business. Close to the point-of-purchase. In the vicinity. All high converting means of advertising. Location based advertising is getting more precise every day, and if used correctly can have a great effect of drawing in the surrounding population.


Florida Internet Marketing

13) Tablets will outsell notebooks – I read that iPad would be the 11th largest tech company in the country by itself. That’s one product outselling almost every entire organization in America. Its safe to say that tablets are here to stay. More and more business gets conducted by means of mobile it seems. I feel like tablets just got to the market, and now they are due to outsell computers next year? Do you have a mobile strategy?

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