Video: SEO & PageRank – Get your local business to the top of Google

In this Internet Marketing video, local business owners will learn the methods that Google uses to rank pages on its search engine results page. Using these SEO methods, you should be able to move ahead of the competition in your industry.

1 ) Keywords – Search Engines look to the keywords on your page as part of how they rank webpages. You should have a keyword density of about 2-5% of your text in order not to get penalized for “keyword stuffing”

2) Blogging (new unique content) – Search Engines LOVE new unique content, and reward that content with placement. Along with this, all of your content writing will make you an industry expert to potential customers. Keep your content informational, and keyword heavy.

3) Inbound Links – Probably the most under-utilized method of internet marketing to raise search engine pagerank. Gaining inbound links from authority sources will do more for your placement than every other method

4) Local Directories – Make sure you claim and fill out all of your local directories, including Google Places, as this affects your local placement. Especially important for the local small business owner.

5) Reputation – Get reviews from all of your happy clients. Along with helping with your search engine placement, this will also give you a vote of confidence from a new prospect who is researching you online

6) Social Authority – Grow your social networks, and cast out all of your content to them. This will help with your placement and also will help to increase your circle of potential customers.

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