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Reverse engine your search engine budget

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I’ve read a lot of articles about how to budget your internet marketing, specifically search engine marketing… most of them use Google metrics and other analytical tools to calculate a budget for the area that you want to target with your ads to come up with a budget. Yes, this works to get a general idea about how much you want to spend…Miami internet marketing

But as a business owner or marketer, sometimes you also just know how many new customers you want that month or how much new $ you’d like to increase your business by this quarter. Maybe you had a slow quarter and you want to increase business by 10%, or maybe you are an attorney that would like to gain 5 new clients next month.

I never really see articles that discuss creating your advertising budgets by starting with the RESULTS that you want to see from the campaign, so I figured I’d write it myself.

While none of this is purely scientific and going to be 100% accurate because your website statistics and Google pricing will be constantly changing… but you can literally use basic mathematics get a general idea of how much you will want to spend to achieve your desired result based off of past percentages for your own website along with averages for your industry.

Lets look at an example:Miami Internet Marketing
John is a roofer looking to gain 5 new clients next month. He knows through his own historical data that he closes 1 out of every 10 leads that comes in. Therefore, to get 5 new clients next month, John will need around 50 incoming leads. From here, an experienced internet marketer will be able to have a ballpark figure of how many page visitors it will take in order to generate those 50 leads. If John has a good website, he should be able to expect at about 8% of the visitors to contact him either via phone or contact form (estimate based on industry and historical data).  This number will change depending on the quality of the website and call-to-actions, and the length of sales cycle for your industry. Therefore he will need around 625 website visitors to achieve his 50 leads (625 x 8%). With me still?

Through free Google tools such as the Google Keyword Tool, we can see that each website visit is going to cost the business around $2. We can then come up with a budget to generate the desired number of 625 visitors:  625 visitors x $2/visit = $1,250.

Using these numbers, John should be able to achieve his goal of 5 new customers by spending $1,250 on the search engines.

Now keep in mind that this is not a fail-safe way to look at a search engine campaign, but should merely be used as a guide to see how much you want to spend to achieve a desired result.

Realize that sometimeInternet Marketing Miamies the other players in the market may drive up pricing, or if there is a lot of search volume for your industry, you may need to spend more than what you want just by using this method in order to “play the game” against competition… Think of it like going to a Texas hold-em poker game… you want to have a comparable amount of chips so the other players don’t keep upping the bets to drive you out of the game.  Its always best to consult an expert when getting involved with any search campaign if you do not know what you are doing.

This theory will work though to give the business owner a general idea of how much you should be spending to achieve your desired advertising result, and during the planning stage to make sure your PPC campaign will be generating a positive ROI for you.

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17 Ways to Improve your Business with Mobile

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1) Mobile Loyalty or Newbie prLocation-Based Servicesograms – Need new customers, or want to stimulate some repeat business? Try setting up some programs to reward your repeat customers, or set up specials to entice some new people to check you out. This can be great because people are looking for new things when they are in close proximity to your location already.



2) Run a text-to-win campaign – This is a great way to increase awareness for a new product or service, or a new promotion that you are offering.  It is fairly easy to combine your text campaign with other forms of media you may be utilizing, and will help if you are trying to build a database of phone numbers or email addresses for remarketing purposes.

3) Create a mobile optimized website – Do you have a mobile optimized website?  Try pulling up your site on your smart phone or an iPad, and see how it looks.  Is it easy to navigate the site and for the user to accomplish the goals you are trying to get them to do?  If not you may want to look into a mobile website, especially with the huge increase in search traffic coming from mobile devices.

Mobile Marketing Miami
4) Mobile Couponing – Mobile couponing has a return rate of over 10x that of print coupons… Which should be enough to make you consider this as an option right there!  Just keep in mind the logistics can be a little tricky if your business doesn’t have a scanner than can read phone bar codes.  You may want to try a blanket offer that you won’t have to keep track of specific coupons, or you could try using unique promo codes to each device.

5) Use QRQR Code Sample Codes – Try using a QR code either from your location, your own marketing materials, or from another form of media to take the user to either your website or your social media pages.  This will work well with some type of contesting involved. Keep in mind that unless there’s something cool as a prize or a strong call to action to make the person use the code, you may be disappointed with low click throughs.

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6) Use mobile banners to drive traffic to your offer – Mobile banners are hot.  Try combining some mobile display banners to reach people while they are on the move, and take them to your mobile offer or coupon page. Have a creative message to keep the user interactive with you and be clear with what you would like them to do or what you are offering them.

7) OptimizeGoogle Map Listing your Google map listing – If you haven’t claimed your Google map listing, you should do it now… I have information here on how to claim your here: Claim Google Map Listing.  This will allow your business to be found for your categories when someone does a local search on Google.  Your business will show up in the results if the persons location is near you. A great tool to gain traffic when people may be closest to purchase.
iphone mastercard

8) Mobile Commerce – Is your computer set up to take orders and allow users to easily make purchases from their mobile device?  If not, chances are that you are missing out on some sales to your competition that is.  According to a ComScore study in 2011, over 38% of smart phone users consistently use their phones to make purchases, and that number rises every year… don’t miss out on this business which is on the rise!

9) InteMobile Appsractive Mobile Applications – “mobile apps” seemed to be one of the hottest crazes in 2011, but after seeing what seems like a million horrible and pointless apps, I’m taking this one a step further by saying that your business should think about an interactive mobile app.  An app with a clear purpose, and something that will keep the user interacting with you and interested.


10) Bluetooth proximity marketing – This can be a great tool to gain direct business instantly to people in your immediate area.  Through bluetooth, you can actually offer promotions, specials, deals, or pretty much anything you have to offer to peoples mobile devices through the use of bluetooth technology.  This is a great idea for a business that is in a high foot traffic area,or even at a trade show, conference or something similar with a lot of people in your immediate area.  Most of the time when this is in use, it is accompanied by some sort of signage or other media informing people about the bluetooth content.

11) UpdaMedical app internet marketingtes, Appointments, and Reminders – Great idea for any service based industry.  Doctors offices or even auto shops, can text or send mobile messages to update customers on statuses or just to remind about appointments.

12) Mobile Contesting – The rise of mobile use and ease of tracking and accessibility has made contesting through mobile devices one of the hottest and fastest growing vehicles to deliver a message and get people signed up for your database.  Offer a prize that will be worthwhile for someone to sign up for, and think about combining other types of media (both traditional advertising and online  or social media) when trying to utilize mobile for a contest… a multi-media approach is usually best.
13) Email – Pretty straightforward here.  Email marketing has been a great tool for years to reach new clients or just to keep your database up to date with your new services or new information about your business.  Keep in mind now more than ever that people are checking their emails from mobile devices though. You should probably double check any email marketing collateral that you send on your own through a smart phone and tablet just to make sure its easy to read.
14) Social Media – In this day and age, there’s no excuse for not keeping up and connecting with your customers at all times.  I suggest using an app like HootSuite to easily organize your news feeds and social media posting. Quick response and social etiquette can keep you in tune with your customer base, and a lot of times extinguish a problem before it becomes a huge issue.

15) Mobile PPC Campaign – According to Mobile Marketer, 70% of mobile searches result in action within 1 hour.  That number is staggering… and I’m not sure any other medium can boast such a stat.  You should really think about adding a mobile search campaign to your media mix, to capitalize on all of that action.  Depending on your industry, this could be a huge help to local sales and customer conversions.  Also, this works great if your industry is an emergency need.

16) Usetablets wisely – Whenever I see businesses incorporating tablet use successfully, it just makes them look that much more tech savvy and professional.  Recently I noticed a server at a restaurant taking orders using one, and a manager at a nightclub taking bottle reservations on a tablet.  This can streamline all of your processes, and just plain looks cool… I’ve personally been using a tablet for all contract signatures, which I can immediately email to my customers on the spot.  Along with impressing most people, the use of more electronic devices will limit your need for paper and increase efficiency.

Go Mobile Google
17) Test your site mobile readiness with Google’s GoMo – Mega-company Google is spearheading an initiative to get businesses mobile-ready.  Check and see how your site ranks here:
This should give you an overview on a lot of the current business capabilities with mobile marketing and devices that should improve your business by either streamlining processes or helping your marketing efforts.  Please feel free to contact Bret Talley for any more information at 954-495-7939 or for more articles like this one visit

-Bret Talley