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How to: Hire the right internet marketing employee: A guide for business owners and marketers

Employ the Digital world savvy When it comes to technology, people either get it, or don’t.  Just as someone is musically inclined, or artistic, people are tech savvy.  Hire someone who has a passion for technology, because with the tech world, things are constantly changing and getting updated.  What works today is old news tomorrow.  […]

Develop a successful website with these 16 easy tips

Keep movement to a minimum – Your goal of your website is to deliver enough information that will close a new customer… why would you want to distract them from your goal with someone moving all over your screen.  Nix it. On Page Music… Sorry but no. – I have heard every excuse in the […]

Video: SEO & PageRank – Get your local business to the top of Google

In this Internet Marketing video, local business owners will learn the methods that Google uses to rank pages on its search engine results page. Using these SEO methods, you should be able to move ahead of the competition in your industry. 1 ) Keywords – Search Engines look to the keywords on your page as […]

HOW TO: Optimize your landing page conversions in 15 easy steps

1 ) Keep the text content streamlined – You have a few short seconds to get the attention of your prospect, don’t talk in long paragraphs.  Hell, I doubt anyone will even read all the way to #15, so get to the point. 2 ) Have a clear call to action – Are you looking […]